12 facts about Ras Nene you should know

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Ras Nene, the man of the moment, is one of the few people who have made an effort to stand out in their field of endeavor. He refused to sink with the ship and has earned a place in the limelight through hard work and perseverance.

Here are 12 facts you need to know about Ras Nene.

1. Who he is

Ras Nene is a Ghanaian actor and comedian whose real name is Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi. He was born and bred in Tafo Zongo in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

2. The meaning of his nickname

According to him, his popular nickname Ras Nene has a meaning. ‘Ras’ is the short form of ‘Rasta/Rastafarian’ and ‘Nene’ means a person who is appreciative even of little things.

3. His previous lifestyle

He recounted in a few interviews about his dark past where he smoked weed for about 25 years. He sold drugs like weed and cocaine, and consulted fetish priests for protection and power to become wealthy. However, Kwaku Manu, a fellow actor after sometime succeeded in taking him to church. This led to his leaving his bad lifestyle which he terms as a period when he worked for the devil without pay.

4. His advocacy

He’s an advocate against drug use and abuse. By using his previous lifestyle as an example, he implores the youth to stay away from any kind of hard substance to the best of their ability. Also, he’s paved way for some youths who fell victim to drug abuse to enter the movie industry in order to get them busy and hence to quit the bad lifestyle.

5. His acting career

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His acting career started accidentally. He earned himself a ‘gangster’ role after he was recommended by his best friend Tutu to a movie producer. His first role acting impressed the director and earned him a job.

6. His journey as an actor

In the twenty years period of his acting career, he’s acted about 200 movies. He recently switched to comedy skits which can amount to approximately 30 or more so far and still counting.

7. His nicknames

The energy he invests into his skits has resulted in a lot of benefits. He has managed to earn himself a few popular nicknames including Dr. Likee, Laygan, Akabenezer, etc.

8. His personality

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He’s a very humble person who listens to advice. He also welcomes the wise opinions of others, especially those he works with. This explains the variety of ideas behind his unique content creation.

9. Parenting

Also, he’s a single father who single-handedly takes care of his 13-year-old daughter whose existence Ghanaians got to know of just recently.

10. His music


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He recently released a song titled Yie Yie Yie which was produced by 925 Music. It employs the use of local rhythms together with appellations of himself which gives the song an extraordinary feel.

11. His new dance creation

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Again, he recently came up with a new dance he calls YOKOHAMA. He outdoored this dance on Tv presenter Giovanni Caleb’s show, Showbiz 360 which airs every Friday night on TV3. The dance involved standing with your feet wide apart and moving the hands and shoulders from side to side. Its beauty depends on the rhythm of the music you dance to.

12. His partial activism

Prior to the 2020 elections, he was interviewed on Koo Tv where he warned politicians to by all means avoid bribing ‘ghetto boys’ to do their ‘dirty jobs’ all in the quest for power. He sent this message out mainly because they ignore these boys after getting what they want from them. This was sort of his own little way of asking for a peaceful election period devoid of any forms of assassinations or chaos.



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