The internet answers, ‘Who is Gyakie?’

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Social media sensation and musician, Jackeline Acheampong, popularly known as Gyakie has been trending on the internet for quite a while now. Her beauty, music career, and potential have increased her level of fame in a short while. As such several Ghanaians and foreigners alike have stormed the internet to find out more about her and why everyone is talking about her. Here is a shortcut to your Google search on who Gyakie is. 


1. Who is Gyakie? Google answers…

  • The first link that appears when you run a Google search of who Gyakie is, gives quite a detailed review. It talks about how young she is, where she hails from, how she grew up during the Soul Music era, and which tertiary institution she is a student of. Reading further, one will discover how determined she is to make a name for herself instead of carrying on her father, Nana Acheampong’s legacy. She drummed this point home with the release of her debut 5-track EP titled Seed in August 2020. 
  • The second link also talks about her biography; her real name, who her father is, her educational background, among others. However, it goes ahead to talk about her relationship status. I expected the name and picture of one young gentleman but was disappointed, just like everyone else, since she is single apparently. Through this link, you will also get to know about some of her songs including Whine, Vacation, Sika with Bisa Kdei, among others.  
  • The third link portrays an interview she had with OkayAfrica which dwelt mostly on her EP and why she chose music. She answered questions regarding why she decided to be a recording artist, when she chose music as a career, whether she was pressured to fill her father’s shoes as a legendary musician, her favorite song on the EP, what her audience should expect from her in subsequent releases, among others. 

2. How does Gyakie look like? Google image search provides these visuals…

These are the pictures of Gyakie  Google provides. 

3. Videos of Gyakie? YouTube answers…

  • The first video talks about her biography, what her childhood was like, her high school, the university she’s currently attending; when she began her music career, and some more insights on her debut EP – Seed. This video was posted on the 21st of February 2021 and had garnered 1,124 views as of 26th April 2021. 
  • The second video is an interview of her with Zionfelix. During the interview, they talked about Kumasi where they both hailed from. She was asked to sing a worship song as well as some of her songs and revealed that she has a gospel song that was released two months prior to the interview. She also talked about her relationship status and shared some principles she was taught and believe in. This video was posted in August 2020 and had garnered 120,000 views as of 26th April 2021. 
  • The third video is the official music video of her hit song Forever. It premiered on 7th August 2020 and had garnered 4,685,440 views as of 26th April 2021. 

4. Is Gyakie social? Check out her social media following report card

These are Gyakie’s number of followers as of 26th April 2021.


Seeing young musicians like Gyakie break forth into the music space signifies that there is hope for the Ghanaian music industry. Kudos to Gyakie and other queens in the music world!



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