The internet answers ‘Who is Efia Odo?’

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Ghanaian celebrity Andrea Owusu, popularly known as Efia Odo, has been the topic of conversations on almost all social media platforms recently. This has certainly piqued people’s interest in her. Well here is a shortcut to your Google search on who Efia Odo is.  

1. Who is Efia Odo? Google answers…

  • When you search for who Efia Odo is on Google, the first link that appears gives the reader a sneak peek into the celebrity’s life. By clicking to read, one would find out her real name, her date of birth, her previous occupation, rumors about her, and many more. It goes further to talk about her relationship life, people she ‘beefed’ with in the past, her current occupation, and more rumors. 
  • The second link Google provides leads to Efia Odo’s Instagram page. As of 15th May 2021, she had 64 posts and 2.4 million followers. Her recent posts display her contribution to the Fix The Country campaign that recently took place on social media and a few adverts. And oh, her account is verified. 
  • The third link also leads to her Twitter account where she mostly tweets about issues of concern. However, her recent tweets were related to the same Fix The Country campaign. During the time it happened, she took it upon herself to retweet related tweets as well in order to drum home the importance of setting things straight in the country. This is not surprising since she is known to be one of the ambassadors for the campaign. 


2. How does Efia Odo look like? Google image search provides these visuals…

These are pictures of Efia Odo that Google provides.


3. Videos of Efia Odo? YouTube answers…

  • The first video that pops up after running the search is an interview of her by host Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay. In the interview, Delay began by enquiring about Efia Odo’s biography. She went on to ask questions that sought to clear the air about rumors regarding her relationship and sex life. The host also asked about her code of dressing. 
  • The second video is also an interview by Kofi Adoma Nwawani. During the interview, a few issues about Efia Odo came up including her style of dressing, her brand, among others, her relationship with other celebrities, and personal relationships. The host also took the pain to read out questions of fans who were following the interview to be answered by his guest, Efia Odo. 
  • The third video is Efia Odo tongue lashing people who are against the Fix The Country campaign. She did this by enumerating some of the problems in the country that made it even more necessary for the campaign to be held.  She went ahead to call out the leaders of Ghana on their actions that negatively affect the country and stalls development. 


4. Is Efia Odo social? Check out her social media following report card

Efia Odo’s social media following as of 29th September 2021.



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