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See How a primary student sings Black Sherif’s Second Sermon word-for-word

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Black Sherif is the latest sensation in the Ghanaian music space. He has quite a number of songs but is well known for his songs titled Money, First First Sermon, and Second Sermon.

He is a young man hailing from the Ashanti region with a passion for music, specifically rap music. His kind of music has won a place in the hearts of most Ghanaians. The number of streams his songs has garnered so far on various music streaming platforms is more than enough evidence.

Black Sherif

His latest song, Second Sermon, has trended for a while now on several music streaming platforms. The same can be said for social media too. The song is catchy and enjoyable, and so one can’t help but sing along when it is being played. 

Black Sherif’s Second Sermon

In a video that surfaced online recently, a primary school student was rapping the Second Sermon word-for-word with some of his mates cheering him on while others back him up. They all scurried to their seats when their teacher entered the class. The young boy kept on rapping in oblivion till the teacher walked up to him and scared the life out of him. He was punished to go and kneel in front of the class but kept rapping with full vim regardless.

Even though the video was obviously pre-planned and shot for entertainment purposes, it perfectly displays the little boy’s talent and gives him an opportunity to share in Black Sherif’s spotlight. As of 1st August 2021, this video was number 1 on YouTube’s trend list. It was posted on 30th July 2021 and had garnered 102,744 views as of 1st August 2021. 

Watch the full video here…

This is another talented kid in our part of the world who is blowing everyone’s mind with his rap skills. His time has come to shine and he is doing so unapologetically.



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