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See How a little boy’s Our Day request attracted more gifts

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In Ghana, Our Day is a special day for every primary student. It is the last day spent in school after examinations have ended, and it precedes the vacation period. This day is usually characterized by students giving gifts to teachers, music and dance, outdoor games, and eating ‘special’ meals,. And this implies that parents will have to sacrifice a few extra cedis because it’s a special day.

A little boy called Oswald made a list of things he wanted for his Our Day celebration and attached a little emotional message at the end for his mom. In his conclusion, he said, “I didn’t disappoint you in the exams so don’t disappoint me.

Oswald’s Our Day list

One colleague of his mom posted a picture of the list on Twitter. It warmed a lot of hearts there and attracted a number of organizations and individuals who offered to give him more gifts for the occasion. Someone even called his mom to remind her not to disappoint Oswald, lol.

Aside from these, his class teacher Mrs. Appiah also had her share of the gifts because Oswald asked that his mom get her a gift too, especially since she was going to permit him to take his iPad to school for the celebration.

It’s incredible how all of these organizations and people have collectively put a smile on little Oswald and his teacher’s faces.

Here are some of the gifts his list attracted…

This will be the best Our Day in history, no doubt!



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