New crop of Comedians in Ghana

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The Ghanaian comedy space welcomed a new crop of comedians. a while ago. Most of these comedians portray their comic abilities through skits they post on various social media. This makes comedy easy to access. They succeed at entertaining most if not all of the citizenry, foreigners included. Here are 8 of these new and not-so-new Ghanaian comedians in no particular order. 

1. Seniorman Leyla

Seniorman Leyla is known as the most dangerous comic actor in Ghana. This is because most of his comic skits involve actions that can cause him injuries or can put his life at risk. He is usually seen falling into a gutter or from a height because he fails to pay attention to his surroundings. Seniorman Leyla uses the local Ghanaian language for these skits which are able to entertain even foreigners regardless. He ventured into comedy in 2017, when he bought his signature suit (see picture above) which he uses in most of the skits. Seniorman Leyla’s comedy has a huge fan base due to its uniqueness. He can be found on all social media as Seniorman Leyla. Below is one of his videos. Check him out if you haven’t yet. 


2. Jacqueline Mensah

Among the new crop of comedians is Ghanaian Tik Tok sensation, Jacqueline Mensah, who was recently crowned queen of Tik Tok in Ghana. She started uploading her skits in March 2019 through which she unveiled her comic talent to Ghanaians and the rest of the world. Jacqueline has managed to garner over 683,500 followers on the app, as of 30th April 2021. She has a huge following on other social media as well due to her ability to entertain her audience. Apparently, she does comedy to incite laughter for the mental boost of her audience. You might have come across a few of her comic videos online seeing as they are all over the place. Here is one of her skits. If you haven’t, do check her out. 


3. Made in Ghana

Frimpong Richard, popularly known as Made In Ghana is among the new crop of comedians in Ghana. He chose the stage name ‘Made in Ghana’ mainly because he was born and bred here in Ghana. He started comedy some thirteen years back, following his desire to be an actor. Apart from producing hilarious comedy skits, Made in Ghana is well known for imitation. One of such acts that went viral was his imitation of Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale. He’s doing an amazing job with his comedy that can be found mostly on YouTube and Instagram. Don’t forget to check him out whenever you need a laughter treat. Here is one of his skits. 


4. Ras Nene

Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, popularly known as Ras Nene is among the new crop of comedians who have graced Ghana’s comic space. In these past few months, Ras Nene has stayed in the limelight and has shot up the ladder of fame. This is resultant of the comic skits he has been producing for the amusement of his audience. Previously a Kumawood actor, Ras Nene switched to comedy and has excelled even better than he did as an actor. He has a huge social media following and fan base who have endorsed his comedy. Should you come across his skits anywhere, please allow yourself a comic treat. Ras Nene ladies and gentlemen!


5. Juicy Vibes

We’re in an era where folktales are gradually vanishing from the Ghanaian literary space. But, Juicy Vibes has taken it upon herself to remind Ghanaians of how entertaining folktales were and still are. Her comic craft employs the use of forgotten folktales which do not only entertain her audience but also helps them reminisce about comedy in the past. In addition to these, she has equally creative, rib-cracking videos. Most of her comic skits can be seen on Tik Tok where she had 118, 500 followers as of 1st May 2021, and on her Youtube channel which had 3,300 subscribers as of the said date. Below is a compilation of some of her videos. You can check her out if you haven’t. 


6. Atemuda

Among the new crop of Ghanaian comedians is Atemuda who is also known as Fante Kingkong. He got this name through the use of the Fante local language for his comedy. With branding as a key element in the comic industry, Atemuda has a signature style of dressing funnily and wearing weird haircuts which give him a funny look. This look contributes positively to his comedy and makes it even more enjoyable. His videos can be found on his YouTube channel, Atemuda Comedy TV. Below is one of his videos. 


7. Mmebusem

Veteran actor Mmebusem, also known as Ghana Jesus is well known for his comic emulation of the biblical Jesus. Taking up this comic role, and from a religious perspective attracted a strong backlash from most Ghanaians. However, others supported him and urged him on to do his thing, so far as his comedy could incite laughter from his audience. His comic skits demonstrate his ability to role-play. Apparently, he’s evangelizing through the use of comedy. That’s not a bad thing if you ask me. Take a look at one of his skits. 


8. Effua Nkoso

Hailing from Cape Coast in the central region of Ghana, Effua Nkoso performs comedy that is relatable and entertaining. Through her art, she portrays the beautiful nature of the town, its people, and how talented they are. Most of her videos can be seen on her YouTube channel. Together with other people, she performs a comic series called Kotokuraba Street, all of which are on her channel. Here is one of her videos; check out her YouTube channel for more. 



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