Ghanaian food vendors and empty food containers

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When you pass through some of Accra’s suburbs, you’re sure to find the glass section of some food vending joints stacked with empty food containers. Some of these can be empty milk tins, corned beef cans, milo cans, even ketchup, and mayonnaise jars, to mention a few. Have you wondered why food vendors refuse to dispose of these empty containers? Well here are 4 reasons why.

1. Decoration

Here in Ghana, local food vendors devise ways and means through which they can decorate their food joints. In their bid to make the aesthetics appealing to their customers, they either hire a decorator or improvise with what they have. And by improvising, some decide to use the empty containers of the items they use in either preparing or selling the food.

2. Advertisement

Also, some food vendors advertise what they sell by stacking the glass section of their food stalls with empty containers of products they use in cooking those foods. For example, someone who sells noodles will advertise their business with ketchup bottles, corned beef cans, egg crates, etc. This usually complements the sticker/banner or signboard used to draw the attention of potential customers. 

3. Ordinary reluctance 

Sometimes, these food vendors are just reluctant to get rid of empty food cans or bottles, either because they are too busy selling, or because of reasons best known to them. 

4. Lack of motive 

At other times, food vendors do not see why they should dispose of the empty food cans or bottles, especially when they can benefit from them sitting peacefully on their shelves. Since keeping those empty containers causes nobody harm, they might as well leave them there. 



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