9 Ghanaians share their COVID-19 survival stories

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Covid-19 sure gave the world a one-of-a-kind scare. Deadly as it is, there have been several survivors who managed to slip through the cold fingers of the pandemic. Good news is, some of these survivors have been courageous enough to share their stories. Here are 9 of such stories. 

1. Joe Jackson 

Joe Jackson had a few underlying health conditions and so tested frequently. Sometime later one of the tests came out negative. His fears were confirmed by a persistent dry cough and a feverish feeling and ended up in the hospital. His recovery process began slowly but was accompanied by headaches, hiccups, some more fever, high blood pressure, etc. He emphasized the fact that it’s a scary experience but advises that we think about others as well regardless of the state we find ourselves in. 

2. Kokui Serlom  & Mr. Hanson

This couple had their own experience with the virus at the beginning of the year. The wife contracted it first, followed by the husband. She took the test which turned out positive when she lost her sense of smell, although had none of the other symptoms. The husband also tested positive a few days later, even though he was asymptomatic and remained so throughout the period. She goes ahead to name a few symptoms she struggled with during the isolation period. They both followed the doctors’ advice and prescriptions and their obedience helped greatly. They also advise against self-medication and teach a few natural remedies they resorted to along the line.

3. Samuel Atta Mensah (Sammens)

Citi TV/FM’s Sammens also recounts his Covid story. His started with a dry cough and how he hallucinated for a few days during his isolation period. However, he didn’t loose his sense of taste or smell but had the latter malfunctioning. He applauds the Klottey Korle District hospital for their constant check ups and customer care. Along the line he was diagnosed with pneumonia but finally pulled through. He lost appetite as well, which results in his loosing quite an amount of weight. Sammens emphasizes on the need for people to adhere to the protocols in order to lessen the probability of contracting the virus since it is not a nice thing to experience. 

4. Nana Kofi Asihene 

Nana Kofi Asihene shares his experience on how the Covid sneaked upon him disguised as Malaria. As the days went by the symptoms kept switching one to the other. Some of these  symptoms included loss of taste and smell, headaches, sore throat, among others. He went ahead to disclose some of the natural remedies that sped up his recovery process.  He ended his story by stressing on how we ought to live life to the fullest since it can be snatched from us at any point in time. 

5. Palgrave Boakye Danquah and Prosper Senyo

This is an interview of people who fought their Covid battles outside the comfort of their homes. Palgrave expresses excitement for getting back to his normal life. Prosper does same but relays that he has encountered a few health-related difficulties even after recovering. At a point the former had to get the help of  a ventilator when he got to the Ridge hospital since he had respiratory issues. He also reveals that his spirit left his body at a point and went places. He calls this ‘the whirlwind experience’. The latter, Prosper contracted the virus twice! He encountered a number of difficulties, hallucination being one of them. Don’t hesitate to watch the full video to learn something. 

6. Frema Adunyame

Citi Tv’s Frema Adunyame also shares her story with viewers about her contraction of the virus from the latter part of December last year to the beginning of January. She shares her kids’ emotional reaction to the news of her contracting the virus and how they hoped and prayed that she recovers from the virus and not die from it. She self  isolated and dealt with a chaotic recovery process but eventually survived it.  

7. Sandria Bruce

Sandria Bruce (Mannye Nukpa) also gathers courage to share her story. She shares how, like most people, she was quite complacent about the wearing of the face mask on her celebration spree during last year’s Christmas period. She tests for the virus, together with her kids, and they turn out positive. She shares about their isolation experience, mostly hers. At a point she felt she was dying but was able to reach the the hospital with the  help of two of her friends. Her narration becomes emotional along the line. This proves that it wasn’t a pleasant experience; more reason why people should be more careful and obey all the protocols. 

8.  Fredrick Drah


Fred recounts how he failed to pay attention to his friend’s cough, which might have been the means through which he contracted the virus. He tested positive after sometime. Unfortunately, he and his family were stigmatized due to this. He was admitted at the Ga East health center. Over there, he lost his ward mate to the virus and was moved to another ward. By following the doctors’ advice and being hopeful he eventually recovers from the illness.

9. Kweku Wednesday

Kweku Wednesday starts his story by stating the fact that his experience was a scary one. He self isolated for about 10 days and followed all the medical instructions he received. He eventually recovered after a while and has devised a means of throwing a word of caution to the public; to be extra careful and obey the set protocols in order to be safe from the virus.  

These survivors being able to gather the courage to share their stories with the public should go a long way to get us back on our feet. It behooves on us to take the disease serious and adhere to the protocols…vaccine or no vaccine. 



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