8 weird things we were made to believe as kids

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A couple of years ago, parents and the elderly in society devised ways and means to get children to comply with instructions and stay out of trouble. Notable among these was the use of false assertions and stories. Most, if not all of these things we were made to believe were usually weird and played with our intelligence. Here are 8 weird things we were made to believe as kids. 

1. Playing after 5 pm will invite dwarfs

Kids love to play as we all know it. Gone are the days when parents found it difficult getting their children to leave the playgrounds for home before dusk. They resorted to telling these young ones that they were only inviting home dwarfs, yes dwarfs, by staying out ‘late’. Even though they succeeded, they could either persuade us or lure us off those playgrounds with one incentive or the other, instead of playing with our intelligence. 

2. Sweeping after 6 pm will invite ghosts

Sweeping during evening hours can cause you to misplace something valuable. Such easily misplaced valuables are usually little and quite difficult to spot with the eyes. Examples are jewelry, money, etc. It is therefore only reasonable that you sweep during the day or with light bright enough to help you spot anything that should not be swept away. Elderly people could have explained this to us instead of making us believe that sweeping at night invited ghosts.

3. Singing while bathing will cause your mother’s death

*Facepalms… Singing in the bathroom can cause you to swallow the lather from shampoo/soap. This can result in one health problem or the other. Instead of just mentioning it this way, society had to scare us by making us believe that singing in the bathroom will mean you murdering your innocent mother. As if singing is a deadly weapon, lol.

4. Whistling at night will invite snakes

Yes, we were also made to believe that whistling at night was snake language, lol. This used to give kids the creeps though; thinking that a snake was probably smirking at you from the bushes just because you whistled at night. 

5. It’s an abomination to pee and not spit onto it

As kids, we were always advised to spare a little spittle onto our urine patch; especially those done outside the comfort of washrooms. Ignoring it was deemed as calling bad luck upon yourself. Funny enough it gradually becomes a habit that grows with you. 

6. It is wrong to smell food

Parents found this habit insulting. Mothers especially. Smell your food and you’ll earn a few knocks and spanks to teach you a lesson or two.

7. It is wrong to walk through two people

People had the perception that someone walking between you and your walking partner brought bad luck. As such people walked close together like the couple in the picture, to prevent someone from walking through them. I’m sure people still have that perception in mind even today. 

8. You do not pound in an empty mortar.

Parents and members of society used to warn against pounding in an empty mortar. Their reason is that it translates into you pounding into your womb, yes your womb, and so won’t be able to give birth in the future. Meanwhile, pounding in an empty mortar can make it crack, and will create noise as well hence their reason for making this assertion. How they could think up such things is well beyond me. 

It’s a good thing society keeps evolving with time. Kids are intelligent creatures; instead of telling them ridiculous lies to get them to comply with one instruction or the other, how about we talk to them in a way they will understand. This will be better than playing with their intelligence. 



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