8 mistakes every Ghanaian university student should avoid

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Education as we all know it is a great asset any individual can have. It is also a journey that must be embarked on with utmost determination and perseverance to be able to reap its benefits. As a typical Ghanaian university student or a student of any university for that matter, there are certain actions you must avoid at all costs. I call them mistakes because indulging in these acts will do you more harm than good and will be detrimental to your progress as a student. Here are 8 of such mistakes.

1. Being anti-social

I’m sure the importance of networking would have been drummed into the ears of almost every university student by the time they start school. This is because there is no better environment more suitable for networking than the university community. It is the friends you make in the university that you’ll move into the job world with. Oh if you knew how beneficial it would be to have a friend or even an acquaintance in certain places or organizations, anti-social will be the last thing you’d like to be associated with. Make friends, widen your network, it costs nothing.    

2. Refusing to partake in class assessment/assignments

I don’t know how much I can stress the importance of class assessments. So far as you’re a student, you’re not too big to take quizzes and submit class assignments. Refusing to do them will only cause your GPA and CGPA to fall faster than a mango does from a tree, lol. 

3.  Disrespecting lecturers

As university students, we do not dispute the fact that you’re adults and should be accorded the necessary respect. However, you should also respect others, especially your lecturers and their teaching assistants. Why? Because they handle your academic records and you wouldn’t want to step on the toes of someone who has that kind of power over you. Be wise.

4. Deliberately missing lectures

Some students are fond of deceiving themselves with the phrase ‘going for lectures is a waste of time.’ No matter how intelligent you are, or how boring your lecturer may be, do not miss lectures if you do not have a laudable enough reason to. This is because there are certain important discussions or explanations you may miss that may affect you.

5. Cheating during an exam

Examinations are meant to test the students’ cognitive abilities and to ensure that they actually got what they paid for – knowledge. Yes, academic activities in the university may sometimes be so overwhelming to students that cheating in an exam may seem like the only way out. On the contrary, it isn’t and should be avoided at all costs! If caught indulging in exam malpractice, the student may be suspended or dismissed in extreme cases. Also, they will be disgraced, amongst other negative repercussions. 

6. Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time, we all know. Well, what if you’re the one giving it permission to steal from you? As a university student, you should be intentional about taking your studies seriously in order to excel. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible if you’re fond of procrastinating your studies, going for lectures, turning in assignments, even getting enough rest, etc. It would amaze you how much time you have once you stop procrastinating. 

7. Wasting time on social media

Of late, almost everyone is on one social media platform or the other. It’s not a bad thing, although it’s scary how much time we spend on social media. There wouldn’t be enough time to fulfill your obligations as a student if you’re spending all of it scrolling through pages and pages of videos and pictures. The best thing to do is apportion time for social media every day; at most 30 minutes or an hour should be enough. That’s if you don’t work or earn money on there. By so doing, you’ll be able able to make time for studies and other equally important activities. 

8. Idling about during vacation 

Please, vacations are for internships, not for ‘baecations‘ or for idling about, eating, and sleeping. No matter what program you’re reading in school, you’ll definitely get one organization or the other to intern with during vacations. This will give you the opportunity to practice what you’re taught in school, to learn new things, widen your network, gather experience, and increase your employability for the job market. There’s no time to waste!



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