8 fashion statements Ghanaians misunderstand

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It will shock you to know that several people have been denied employment, missed certain opportunities and earned the disapproval of loved ones because of their looks or style of dressing. This is wrong because one may never know what qualities or abilities an individual may have regardless of their fashion sense. It’s about time we talked about this, and so here are 8 fashion statements that Ghanaians misunderstand. 

1. Rasta/Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks especially for men, locally known as rasta, is the new craze in Ghana. Most men are gradually learning to accept and love their hair, just as women are encouraged to. There’s nothing wrong with that if you ask me. But no, some Ghanaians have totally misplaced priorities and are busily adding fuel to stereotypical flames. The perception that men with dreadlocks are criminals or undeserving of some opportunities should be totally uprooted from Ghanaians’ minds. This is the 21st century for crying out loud. 

2. Anklets

Unfortunately, wearing anklets is also a misunderstood fashion statement here in Ghana. Most ladies wear anklets just because they admire them. Others feel it is African and would like to share in the African heritage. Meanwhile, there are other people who are strongly against it and perceive the former as ‘ungodly’, ‘disrespectful’, and anything negative. Facepalms*

3. Piercings

Men with piercings, women with more than one piercing… they won’t say it to your hearing, but they definitely have a problem with it. Come on people! It’s about time we set our minds free from preconceived and stereotypical notions, as they won’t help us in any way. Piercings do not make someone less of a human than they are. It’s simple as that. 

4. Dyed hair

I have overheard a few ladies express the desire to dye their hair but refuse to, for the sake of what society will think of them. It is rather unfortunate that some Ghanaians are tagged with all kinds of negative adjectives just because they decided to do something they want and with their own hair! There’s nothing wrong with adding some color to your life, is it? 

5. Rings

And then there are those who have problems with seeing people wear any ring other than a wedding ring. The thing is, people like to accessorize themselves and hand jewelry is a great way to do just that. But, should some Ghanaians see hands like the one in the picture above, their body language and stares scream judgment. Can’t a girl accessorize anymore?

6. Tattoo

Most Ghanaians are of the notion that tattoo is of the devil. Meanwhile, people consider it as art – body art. About 8 in 10 people have a reason or story behind every piece of tattoo they have on their body. Instead of judging these people how about, we focus on coexisting in peace and harmony. 

7. Saggy pants

Guys who are seen with saggy shorts, locally known as ‘autofista’ are automatically tagged as hoodlums or people with no manners. Meanwhile, a guy may walk around with saggy shorts just for the fun of it, or because they lost their belt, or better yet because they want to show off their new boxer shorts, lol. 

8. Eyebrow slits

Eyebrow slits are cute, admit it. Instead of admiring this body art, people tend to jump to conclusions about the owner’s attitude and who they really are. 

Believe it or not, people will always be who they want to be. Instead of making their lives miserable because of their fashion sense, maybe we should learn to embrace their choices and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves at all times. 



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