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Hard Hard Facts: 7 reasons why you can’t join beard gang

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Sarcasm alert!!! Have you noticed that beardless guys are the most trolled group of people in Ghana? It’s not their fault that the beard refuses to grow but come on, we gotta have some fun. And so if you’re a beardless guy reading this post, here are 7 reasons why you can’t join the beard gang. Evil smirk*

1. You can’t buy beard growth oil

Beard is a good thing to have as a man. What is wrong with giving it a little push to grow more than it originally does? Good thing is, beard growth oils are there to do just that, all you need to do is to buy and use them.

2. You bought a fake beard oil

You having to buy beard growth oils to support the growth of your beard doesn’t mean you should buy just anything you find on the market. If there are original ones, there will definitely be fake ones too.

3. You’re ‘brenya’

If you are a fellow whose hair takes forever to grow, beard growth oil might just be the answer for you too. Such people are locally known as ‘brenya‘ here in Ghana and it literally translates as someone who suffers to get something, and in this case, hair! Lol.

4. You don’t eat well

If you eat Ga kenkey and one fish every day, how can your beard grow? Lol. Eat balanced and nutritious diets frequently, especially foods that support hair growth.

5. You don’t drink quality water

Enough of the 10 pesewas water my guy. Drink quality water to support your beard growth. It doesn’t matter whether it is bottled or sachet or even from a dispenser, what matters is the quality.

6. You treat girls wrongly

If your beard is not growing it just might be because of that lady you keep mistreating. I’d change my mind if I were you.

7. You don’t respect your elders

Respecting the elderly in society is very necessary, for the elderly and the youth. Your disrespect for elders is probably what is hindering your beard from growing, lol. You know the right thing to do, so do it!


Even though this is a sarcastic post, this is me saying we have to take care of ourselves. We have to ingest the right things and quality ones as well, in order to support the smooth function and growth of our bodies.  Don’t forget to live right and to mask up and stay safe.



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