7 reasons why we loved ‘older-generation’ local story books

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Reading is said to be the best cognitive exercise anyone can engage in. Consistent reading does not only broaden the horizon of the reader but also fills up their vocabulary bank and increases fluency in the English language. It will please you to know that storybooks that existed about a decade or two ago did not look as fancy as they do now. We still loved and read them regardless. For the purpose of this post, let us refer to them as ‘older-generation’ storybooks. Well here are 7 reasons why we loved them. 

1. They had funny titles

We loved ‘older-generation’ storybooks because most of them had weird-in-a-funny-way titles. Titles like ‘Who Killed My Baby’, ‘Snake Girl’, ‘Half-man, Half-Goat’, among others acted like a magnet that attracted readers to those scantily-paged storybooks. During those times, whoever owned at least 5 of these was deemed as a good reader and hence intelligent. 

2. Most of them were in series

Most of these ‘older-generation’ storybooks came in series like what is shown in the picture above. Reading all the books in the series meant you were in for a long ride down drama lane, lol. They were worth reading regardless. 

3. They were our literary savior

We were told that reading had many benefits. Not only could it increase cognitive activity and fluency, but through reading, one could travel to places they could not go to in person. What then could we read to get a glimpse of these imaginary places we could escape to if not these ‘older-generation’ storybooks? In my opinion, they were our literary savior.  

4. They had only a few pages

Most of these storybooks were scantily-paged as well and that made reading them even more enjoyable. The number of pages ranged between 20 to 30 or less; the perfect number for readers with a short attention span. 

5. They had funny illustrations

These storybooks also had funny illustrations that aided the reader’s imaginative process. Aside from that, the illustrations appealed to the reader’s senses and made the reading activity fun. 

6. They were written with simple diction

Writers of ‘older-generation’ storybooks did a great job by choosing to write with simple diction. This prevented young readers from struggling with comprehension. Again by so doing, they also helped readers enjoy the story without having to frequent the dictionary. 

7. They were very affordable

And oh, you didn’t need millions of cedis to buy yourself ‘Snake Girl’, ‘Who Killed My Baby’, or any ‘older-generation’ storybook for that matter. They were very affordable and quite common as well. More reason why we loved them.  



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