7 easy ways to acquire a fake foreign accent locally

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Once in a while, we may find ourselves speaking with one foreign accent or the other. This is perfectly normal and does not mean you’re denouncing your native language or anything. In fact, it becomes even more fun to speak with a foreign accent when you do not get it right and it succeeds at making someone laugh! Here are 7 easy ways through which you can acquire a fake foreign accent here in Ghana. 

1. Pass by Kotoka International Airport

People who travel outside the country are known to acquire foreign accents even in the early periods of their stay in those countries. So yes, we won’t look at you with three eyes should we hear you speak with a foreign accent once we spot you in the environs of the Kotoka international airport. Even if the accent sounds fake we won’t mind, lol. 

2. Board a local flight (Kumasi to Accra)

Sarcasm mode activated* Do you want to speak with a foreign accent even if it sounds fake? You only have to board a local flight. And if it’s one from Kumasi to Accra, that will mean you’re coming from Kumerica, of course, you’re allowed.

3. Eat Burger

What are foreign foods if they can’t make the eater speak with a foreign accent, fake or otherwise? Get you some burger or shawarma baby!

4. Watch a foreign series (Bridgerton)

Foreign series/movies are known to make viewers speak momentarily with foreign accents that sound fake most of the time. This particular series does even better. “However can I lie to you my lady/my lord? I most certainly will not.” I wish you could hear me say this lol. 

5. Wear a winter jacket

Winter jackets are worn during winter which is a season in some foreign countries. I don’t know why anyone will wear winter jackets with our kind of weather here in Ghana. However, should you find your body in one, a fake foreign accent is sure to flow out of your mouth; with a little effort from you of course. 

6. Make a foreign call

Whenever you speak to that special someone on your foreign call, be sure to bless them with a sentence or two with a fake accent. They could do with some laughter, trust me. 

7. Use a snow filter on Snapchat

If you can be able to send a few people snaps with the snow filter, you can as well speak to them with a foreign accent. They will not even notice it’s fake. Wink. 




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