7 abnormal things that have been normalized in relationships

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Lately, a lot of posts that pop up on social media ask people to ‘normalize’ one thing or the other. That is to say, people should make certain things normal, or make a habit of doing certain things, especially in relationships and society at large. Meanwhile, most of these things that we are being asked to normalize are ridiculous and should not be thought of, let alone made a habit. Here are 7 abnormal things that have been normalized in relationships and society. 

1. Proposal of love is the role of a man

Women who propose love to men are seen by society as lacking self-respect or dignity. Well, I will love to see in which book it is stated as a law, that men are supposed to be doing the proposing. In my opinion, a woman should be able to tell a man if she likes him. My opinion.

2. The woman must say ‘yes’ once he proposes

Some men also make it seem like they are entitled to the woman, and that once he proposes she has to say yes. I mean come on, doesn’t a sister get to make a choice anymore?

3. A man should still chase after a woman even if she says no

It is only reasonable that a man decides to move on once a woman rejects his proposal. Meanwhile, these days, some women expect the men to keep chasing after them. That is, to keep showing interest in them even after their rejection. There’s nothing normal about this if you ask me and shouldn’t be normalized. Allow him to move on once you say no.

4. Women are entitled to ‘stretching’ a man as long as she wants

Lately, some women have made a habit out of teasing men they know they do not like and whose proposal they will not accept. Instead of immediately saying no, they ask for time to think about the proposal. In most cases, the thinking becomes a push and pull game that confuses or frustrates the man. 

5. Men are seen as moneybags

These days, some men have had to take up compulsory financial roles in relationships. This is because some women perceive men as moneybags who should be taking care of their financial needs. Consequently, a lot of women assess the financial strength of a man even before agreeing to get into a relationship. Romantic as it may seem, it is burdening and should not be made a boyfriend’s task. 

6. Society allows women to marry older men but not vice versa

People find it okay or normal for a young lady to marry a man more advanced in years; they may express their disapproval but stop talking eventually. However, people express even more disapproval for an ‘older woman-younger man’ couple. What such people forget is that the age group of an individual’s choice of partner is nobody’s business. 

7. Some men think women are there to satisfy their sexual needs

A girlfriend is not obliged to satisfy the sexual desires of her boyfriend. We all know there’s more to a relationship than sex, but no, people are not ready for this conversation. 



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