6 things that turn women off

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Women are amongst the nicest creatures to ever inhabit the earth. Forget the ‘fear women’ anthem that’s been on the mouth of most men these days. Regardless of how nice they may be, women are easily turned off by certain actions or things they see. Out of the lot, here are 6 things about men that turn women off. 

1. Constant desire to be controlling

No matter how you feel about a woman, trying to control her is a big ‘no-no.’ Rather, you should allow her to contribute to decision making, give her room to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, and to get better as you also do same. Your woman is not your daughter.

2. Toxic masculinity

In recent times, most women have developed a hatred for some perceptions that seemingly portray how ‘manly’ men are. Examples are the notion that men who show emotions are ‘weak.’ Also, some men thinking they have to be the sole provider in the relationship, among others. These are all toxic behaviors that turn the modern woman off and should be avoided at all cost. 

3. Body odor

In this day and age, when deodorants and body spray are in abundance? Why should you allow your pits to make people’s noses uncomfortable? Guys, just as you invest in people and businesses, be intentional about investing in your looks and your personal hygiene. Women love that. 

4. Bragging

* Facepalms. Men, please don’t do that. Bragging only makes you seem like an incompetent person who focuses on people-pleasing. Instead of spending energy to brag, why not put it into doing something that will reap good results for yourself? That way you won’t have to lie about your achievements to the lady who may be warming up to you. 

5. Unattentiveness 

Women love attention. If you can, give it to them. You’ll only end up turning them off and eventually away from you if you’re too busy to spend time with them. You don’t even need to talk sometimes. All you have to do is to listen, to be a good listener; although not in a creepy way, lol. 

6.  Lame proposal approaches 

If your pickup lines are weak, it’s about time you worked on them. Women have had enough of the ‘Obaa hemaa na 3da hen? Ma me sima’ vibes, lol. If you like her, just let her know in plain language. Another way to avoid this is to find out what her love languages are and use them to march your way into her heart. 



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