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6 reasons why you’re still single

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Sarcasm alert! Have you been struggling to find a partner who’ll be able to love and cherish you for you? Have you been trying several times but keep failing? Well, these may be the reasons why. Bear in mind that this is a sarcastic post and so no hard feelings, lol.

1. You’re stingy

Here in Ghana, relationships these days are characterized by odo kakraa, sika kakraa which literally translates as ‘a little love, a little money.’ This means in as much as you’ll pledge to love the woman, you have to have at least enough money to spare, whether on-demand or not. Since you’ve decided to be stingy, I’m sorry sir, but there’s no way anyone’s daughter will look your way, lol.

2. You suck at proposals

It doesn’t happen often, but trust me, most times, how good your pickup lines are can win the lady’s heart! If you suck in this department, it means you need to work on your creativity and your lingual abilities. If you do this, it won’t be long till you leave the single men’s association.

3. You don’t have a beard

Wahala for who no get beard. It is the new cool these days, and so most girls will like their men with beards. This explains why most beardless guys are going after beard growth vendors. I really don’t know what you’re waiting for lol. 

4. You’re easy to bounce

Don’t come off as too desperate my guy! Also, if your pickup lines are weak, start working on them. And if she attempts to make you feel bad after proposing to her, show her what she’ll be missing if she bounces you.  

5. You still call your mother ‘mama’ 

*Facepalms. Dude, don’t do this! Here in Ghana, only toddlers and kids use ‘Mama’ for their moms. If you’re matured enough to look for a girlfriend, ‘mama’ should be deleted from your vocabulary bank. I mean, can’t you find any other sexy name or title to call your mom with other than ‘mama?’ If you can’t, then don’t let any lady hear you call your mom that.

6. You have a female bestie

Girls hate this, periooddddt! It’s either you take her as your best friend or remain ‘best friend-less.’ Do not lead her into temptation by having or getting yourself a female best friend, and especially one that you’re super close to. That will just be you seeking to give her high blood pressure for crying out loud. 

Am I being too harsh on men? Well, I don’t mean to, lol. This is a sarcastic post remember? So no hard feelings. Wink. 



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