6 popular conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccines

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After all the world has gone through and had to endure due to the Coronavirus, news of a vaccine should bring general happiness. How then should Ghanaians of all people have negative reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine? Well, as to why they do, we may never know. Meanwhile, here are 6 conspiracy theories Ghanaians have about the vaccine and the whole vaccination process.

1. Depopulation method

Prominent amongst the various conspiracy theories Ghanaians have about the vaccination is their assertion that it is a means devised by the westerners to depopulate the world and Africa to be precise. Due to this notion people made strong decisions to avoid getting a shot of it at all cost, regardless of how much authorities announce for them to do otherwise.  

2. The mark of the beast (666)

Why in the world would anyone associate a vaccine to such a thing? People actually think that taking the vaccine means accepting the mark of the beast, which is not true anyway. 

3. Causal agent of impotency in men.

Lol. Your guess is as good as mine. Others claim that taking the vaccine will result in erectile dysfunction and other sexual health related problems. Meanwhile, there is no proof, scientific or otherwise, for this claim. Join me let us facepalm together.  

4. Shortcut to becoming zombies

Aside all the above mentioned, some Ghanaians asserted that we were all going to ‘zombify’ once we take the AstraZeneca vaccine. A lot of such claims recently flooded social media. One of them can be seen above. Its caption literally translates as 6 months after the vaccine 😂😂😂 Ghana will be really interesting. This implies that after six months, Ghana will be filled with zombies should we all take the vaccines and it’s going to be interesting. 

5. Can cause bareness in women

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In a video she posted recently, former employee of TV3, Bridget Otoo stated that she wasn’t going to take the vaccine because her sister’s doctor advised against it especially since she was trying to conceive. He further stated the reason for his advise, which is that there’s no evidence supporting it. I mean, come on people! 

6. Penis enlargement

A video popped up onto the internet recently of a man who made a radio phone-in about the vaccine. He stated that he had heard people say that one of the side effects of taking the vaccine was penis enlargement and that the vaccinators should leave him three doses of the vaccine. Lol

Please note however, that none of these conspiracies have been scientifically proven and so should not be accepted. Get vaccinated! 



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