5 Valentine gifts Ghanaian men hate to receive

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Every one likes to be loved and acknowledged in any way possible; men and women alike. Complicated as it is, love is deemed as a beautiful thing, a virtue humanity cannot do without. This is more reason why a day has been set aside on which love is celebrated in any way possible, most importantly through the exchange of gifts with friends and loved ones. Here in Ghana, Valentine’s day is greeted with overwhelming energy, both by couples and singles. During this period, people give and receive all kinds of gifts to show their love for one another. Although, some gifts go over the top.

A few have been enlisted below:

1. A box of Chocolate

A box of chocolate

Although Val’s day is signified by chocolate, most Ghanaian men prefer a lot of other gifts to chocolate. It could be because they just hate it or that they don’t have a sweet tooth. Others deem chocolate as a feminine gift and so wouldn’t appreciate it as much as they should regardless of who they receive it from.

2. Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine e-card

‘A card with colorful design and two or three love sentences? Come on!’ Even though this attempt is romantic, ladies can do better. The reason why they may not like such a gift is because it is rendered useless after the occasion and only serves as a reminder during later days.

3. Perfume


This looks like a simple and pretty romantic gift to be given to a man but of course, some Ghanaian men will secretly take offence and think that giving him perfume as a gift is the lady’s subtle way of telling him he has body odor. In the same vein, giving him perfume every Valentine’s day will definitely get to him and cause him to be unappreciative, even if he has to be so in secret.

4. Artificial flowers

Artifical flowers

Giving these to a Ghanaian man will make him smile alright but he might not appreciate it since it will end up in the dustbin sooner than later. The reason for not liking this might be because giving out flowers to a loved one is not our love language. Either that or they deem it inappropriate for a woman to give a man flowers. Pshh!

5. Underwear

Men’s underwear

Ghanaian men receiving underwear as gifts has been an age-old tradition. I have no idea who conceived that idea neither do I know when it will end. Underwear here can be boxers, singlet or inner. Even though it seems like a simple and harmless gift, a man may read a different meaning into it. Besides, giving him such a gift might not cause any extraordinary ripples in his heart since he might have received the same of it’s kind from different women or friends prior to yours.

Valentine’s day is an amazing holiday to be celebrated with loved ones and giving out gifts is like icing on the cake. However, we ought to be innovative even when it comes to such a thing as giving gifts. Women must not always be at the receiving end; it’s about time we took our place at the ‘giving end’ and we must do a good just at giving varieties of mind-blowing gifts on Val’s day each year. We must spread the love at all times, to the best of our ability.



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