5 symptoms of Breast Cancer you should look out for

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According to the World Health Organization, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. More awareness has been created about this cancer over the past few years. While this is good, it is not enough to only be aware of its existence. One must be able to spot it from afar and get that lump dimmed before it shines across the chest. Here are 5 symptoms that should tell every woman her breasts need attention.

1. Lumps

The presence of lumps in or around the breast is the most commonly known breast cancer symptom. Although the majority of breast lumps are caused by less severe conditions, new painless lumps also signify breast cancer. These lumps vary in size and shape and can be hard and irregularly shaped. They can be found either inside the breast, around the collar bone, or under the arm. One of the easy and surest ways to find lumps in the breast is by frequently performing self-examinations, ideally a week after your monthly periods. Once spotted, please seek medical attention.

2. Unusual discharge from nipples

If you’re not a lactating mother, your breasts should not produce any kind of discharge whatsoever. Once they do, it means you either have an infection or yes, breast cancer. Clear, bloody, brown, or yellow discharge from one or both breasts is your cue to get your breasts checked as something may be wrong. 

3. Dimpling of the skin

The skin around the nipples is usually smooth and is characterized by an occasional cringe during arousal or when one feels cold. Should the skin change from this normal state to looking like that of an orange peel, it is a cause for alarm and must be checked.

4. Nipples that turn inward

Every normal nipple points outward as it nestles perfectly on the breast mound. Once your nipples turn inward, as if trying to hide or take cover inside their skin, that’s a subtle warning to you about the health of your breasts. A warning that must be heeded. 

5. Swelling

We all know that a few days prior to the monthly period, the breasts become more tender and bigger than the usual size. However, the kind of swelling that may be a cause of imminent breast cancer will definitely be different from the ‘period swelling.’ This kind will show in just a part or all of the breast and may be accompanied by a change in texture and color around the skin as well. Should you encounter any such swelling, please get your breasts checked. 

Once detected in its early stages, breast cancer can be fought and eliminated. It is very necessary that self-examination be added to our monthly check-up routine. Please, show your breasts you love them. Check on them! 



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