5 factors that can cause a possible lock down

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Coronavirus barged into the world without as much as knocking. It’s been 13 months and counting and there’s seemingly no hope of the virus going through the exit.
Here in Ghana, we may call ourselves lucky to have been able to dodge the fatal blows of the virus in the initial stages due to obedience of the Covid protocols and a three-week lockdown. Why then do dark clouds of another imminent lock down loom over the horizon? Here are five factors that explain why:

1. Complacency of Ghanaians

Most people take pride in disobeying the laid down Covid protocols while forgetting the fact that we are all vulnerable entities in the face of this virus. Unfortunately, by their disobedience, they put theirs as well as the lives of everyone around them at stake since complacency can never serve as a corona virus-proof.

Complacency is absolutely unnecessary at this time.

2. Weak law enforcement

Instead of enforcing the laws regarding obedience of the protocols and forcing the citizenry to comply, we now see unresponsive officers of the law who let lawbreakers go scot free without as much as reprimanding them. Who knows, we might have been successful at totally breaking the corona virus chain if they had put in just a little more effort at enforcing the law and punishing those who break it to deter others.

The Police must become keen in the enforcement process again

3. No face mask, no entry; No mask after entry.

This signage was quite effective during the initial stages of the pandemic. However, in recent times these signages seem to have metamorphosed into decorative pieces which serve no serious purpose. Now, people enter places with these signs on the door wearing their masks only to take them off once they pass through the door or security checkpoint.

Obey this signage before and after entry.

4. Social distancing defects

Wishes come to pass but countless death warrants are signed as well when Ghanaians, in the name of socializing or partying, observe little or no social distancing at social events. We see people purposely breaking the one-meter-distance rule by hugging and shaking one another, either openly or in enclosed spaces. Little do they know, that coronavirus stands at the door smirking at each of them.

This right here, is a no-no. Social distancing must be taken seriously.

5. Economic factors

Financial weakness of the health institutions and the country at large has resulted in low level of testing for the virus which further makes way for people who might not know they have the virus, as well as asymptomatic people to go about spreading it unknowingly.

The Covid-19 National Trust Fund needs more funding.

From the aforementioned factors that can call for a possible lock down anytime soon, we realize there’s something we all can do to prevent the coronavirus as well as go a long way to slow down the rise in positive case counts and possibly bring the pandemic to a halt. It behooves on you and I to obey all the laid down Covid protocols, most importantly to wear a mask and save a life.



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