10 Ghanaian street foods everyone loves

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Ghana is among the countries in Africa known to have a variety of local delicacies that are potent enough to make the taste buds go crazy. It will please you to know that some of these foods are termed as ‘street foods’. This may be because they are common and can be gotten almost anywhere in major cities of the country. Below are 10 of such foods. 

1. Waakye

This street food is a type of rice dish. It tastes even more delicious when eaten with most of its numerous ‘companions’. They include boiled eggs, fried plantain, noodles, a little salad here, a little gari there and meat or fish. It is said to be more enjoyable when eaten from the leaves with which they are served instead of a bowl or pak. 


2. Fried rice

Fried rice and chicken is known locally as Check-check. Expensive as it may seem, this food is common and so is quite affordable. However, most Ghanaians can attest to the fact that where you buy it from will determine its deliciousness. 

3. Ga Kenkey

The Ga Kenkey is mainly associated with the Ga tribe of the country’s capital. The original combination of this food is the kenkey, pepper sauce and fried fish. However, people go the extra mile to complement it with assorted fish (especially shrimps), scrambled eggs, sardines, corned beef and even fried meat. You’re sure to get this food in all of its sumptuous glory on any street or corner of Accra. 

4. Beans and plantian

Also known as Red-red or g)b3, this street food is one of the most popular street foods in Ghana. It is very affordable and known for its ability to keep one filled for longer periods. Apart from palm oil, it can also be eaten with ordinary oil. 

5. Fried yam and fish

Fried yam and fish hit the taste buds differently when eaten on a hot afternoon, especially when the pieces of yam are hot and crunchy. It is a mouth watering street food that can be eaten on the go and does not require much to buy. 

6. Roasted plantain and groundnuts 

Locally known as Kofi Brokeman, this usually roasted in open places easily visible to passers-by. It is equally very common and affordable as well. 

7. Boiled egg and pepper

This street food is locally known as Kosua ne meko. It is usually sold by hawkers at vantage traffic points. It can also be gotten anywhere. When next you buy this street food, be sure to ask for extra pepper and onions. Wink. 

8. Khebab 

Khebab is locally known as Chichinga. Different types of meat can be used for this street food including gizzard, chicken, pork and sausages. Once any of these, together with the special powdered pepper, meet your taste buds, you are sure to crave some more. Khebab is usually sold at pubs, event centers and special Khebab joints across Ghana. 

9. Indomie

These instant noodles made a presence on the Ghanaian market a few years ago and have remained the most purchased street food for a long time now. It can be eaten with a lot of accompaniments and is easy to cook and  affordable as well. Due to its popularity, one can be sure to find an Indomie joint at every nook and cranny of the capital and country at large. 

10. Kelewele

Kelewele is made out of soft ripe plantain. These delicious pieces taste even better when eaten in the early hours of the evening and with groundnuts. They are quite popular and are easy to come by. Whenever you step out for an evening walk on any major street in Accra, be sure to grab yourself some. It will make the walk even more enjoyable!




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